[CentOS] C6 Bind

Sun Oct 14 22:33:01 UTC 2018
Ken Smith <kens at kensnet.org>

Hi All,

I'm really struggling with a bind problem on C6.

bind runs split external and internal dns for a few zones. I had to 
change the motherboard in my server and the ethernet device name changed 
from eth3 to eth4. I've updated my firewall rules to accommodate that 
change but bind in not resolving when accessed externally.

If I telnet to port 53 from outside my LAN I get a connection. If I stop 
bind that connection is refused, confirming the local bind instance is 
getting the connection.

Its as if it is refusing to allow the source make a query.

nslookup commands from external sources get "connection timed out"

I'm stumped. I've even tried to set it up again on an older C5 system I 
happen to have to get things running again.

Any ideas most welcome


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