[CentOS] libuv bug ??

Sun Oct 28 04:48:09 UTC 2018
Michael Peters <pipfroschpress at gmail.com>

EPEL package but I think there's a packaging bug, thought I would ask here.
Trying to build something that requires libuv-devel - it finds the .so but
can't determine version.

header files are in /usr/include/uv however the pkgconfig file specifies
/usr/include as the include directory.

The pkgconfig file also has the version so I'm not sure why the make file
can't determine version, but maybe it is trying to get version from a
header and looking in /usr/include instead of /usr/include/uv because the
pkgconfig file doesn't specify the subdirectory?

Other devel packages with header files in sub directory or /usr/include do
list the sub directory in the pkgconfig file, so I think there might be a
bug in that pkgconfig file because it doesn't?

[alice at localhost ~]$ rpm -ql libuv-devel |grep include
[alice at localhost ~]$ grep "include" /usr/lib64/pkgconfig/libuv.pc
Cflags: -I${includedir}

I can file the bug report with EPEL (Fedora I think is where?) but don't
want to if that isn't really a bug.

Thank you for feedback.

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