[CentOS] Centos on Dell XPS15

Tue Sep 4 08:51:09 UTC 2018
Patrick Laimbock <patrick at laimbock.com>

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> Is anyone successfully running Centos 7 on a Dell XPS15? If so, which model? If not, what was the problem?
> Thank you!

I only ran Fedora 28 Workstation Live from USB stick on the latest XPS15 (9570) and did not try CentOS 7. Fedora 28 ran great and the 4K screen is beautiful but the laptop had some issues so I sent it back. Issues:

- the CPU throttles when putting it under load. The "fix"was to undervolt the CPU, turn off Turbo speed in the BIOS and turn off HT in the BIOS. This issue seems similar to the thermal problem the latest MacBook Pro had. IIRC Apple fixed it in a BIOS update. I don't know if/when Dell will fix it (or if they even can fix it).
- fingerprint reader does not work. With the latest XPS13 (9370) Developer Edition, Dell "fixed" it by removing the fingerprint reader.
- no separate PageUp and PageDown keys. The latest XPS13 does have them but on the XPS15 there were 2 gaps in the keyboard where those keys should be but aren't.
- it's not possible to open the screen 180 degrees
- the webcam at the bottom of the screen (aka NoseCam) is really annoying

As an alternative to the XPS15 there's the new Inspiron 15 7000 series and the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme (though I have no idea if either of them runs CentOS 7).