[CentOS] Seagate - experience/opinion on vendor?

Thu Sep 27 09:40:06 UTC 2018
lejeczek <peljasz at yahoo.co.uk>

On 26/09/18 19:16, lejeczek via CentOS wrote:
> hi guys
> I have rather a large set of Seagate's SAS ST32000444SS, over a 
> hundred - experience I'm having from those in conjunction with their 
> tech support is abysmal.
> I'm trying to update firmware of these drives and nothing works, 
> including tech support.
> ... and I cannot help but wonder - is just me who is so unlucky and 
> getting very, very poor support(taking naturally only of Linux) or in 
> fact Seagate are rubbish!
> Care to share your say?
> thanks, L.
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dos, dos, exe...

why?.. reasons.. what for?..


Can I guys share a thought and a friendly advice with you? (I'm sure 
some of you will get)

I was not looking to philosopie or ponder over that simple question: 
whether to upgrade or not - but if I was - one argument could be: 
vendors are almost always very reluctant (if not purely lazy) to spend 
extra resources to re-work something they thought was probably their 
final piece.

And when they do release new software(which firmware is) then, they must 
have a very good reason(which sometimes they do not say, but often than 
not they do say) to do that. Have some trust in what they do? (if not, 
we would have stopped somewhere around DOS, OS/2 maybe)

I was hoping some of you guys have first-hand experience using tools 
Seagate themselves provide which Seagate say are Linux native tools - 
that's all.

My own experience is very off-putting and was hoping to learn yours, so 
I could be wiser when I next time need to buy a hundred and so HDD/SSDs.

many thanks, L.