[CentOS] CentOS 7 on Macbook Pro : keyboard mapping problem

Sat Sep 8 09:05:43 UTC 2018
Nicolas Kovacs <info at microlinux.fr>


Some time ago I installed CentOS 7 on an older MacBook Pro for a client,
since she couldn't install a more recent version of Mac OS X on it.

The installation was a bit of an adventure, and I wrote a little article
about it:


I made this installation about a year ago, and the only thing I changed
since then is replacing Xfce by GNOME.

I have one remaining problem which seems a bit tricky. I live in France,
and people use an AZERTY keyboard mapping here.

The keyboard works OK, except for one single key. On a french keyboard,
in the lower left corner just next to the right Shift key, there's a key
that's supposed to produce the "=" equal sign, and in combination with
Shift, you get the "+" plus sign.

For some unknown reason, this single key produces an "!" exclamation
mark, and the "paragraph" symbol. I tried all possible combinations, but
there seems to be no way to get a "+" sign on this keyboard.

Any idea what I have to do here?


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