[CentOS] Installing Centos 7 on 4K laptop

Thu Sep 27 19:27:01 UTC 2018
H <agents at meddatainc.com>

I have recently bought a Dell Inspiron 15 7570 laptop with a 4K display on which I want to install Centos 7. I had some problems with the first install and am therefore redoing the install.

One problem is the minuscule font, both in the text window and in the graphic installer. It has been suggested that I should add nomodeset to the grub installer. There is an option to use TAB to complete option choices but nomodeset does not seem to be one of the available options. Am I missing something? If not nomodeset, is there another option I can use in grub to avoid the tiny, tiny text when installing?

Also, the swap partition seems to default to 8 Gb rather than th 16 Gb required to hibernate the machine. Is this a bug in Centos 7 that it does not default to the memory size of the machine?