[CentOS] Recommended PHP 7 source for Centos 7

Mon Apr 15 23:05:39 UTC 2019
Benjamin Hauger <hauger at noao.edu>

As far as I know, the only alternative to using a third-party repo's 
prebuilt RPM versions with automatic updates (e.g.: Remi) would be to 
download and compile it yourself from php.net and aggressively update it 
by hand every time a new version is released. Only your organization can 
make the final risk assessment and determine what to do if the official 
Distro PHP version doesn't satisfy.

Good Luck,

On 4/15/19 3:39 PM, MRob wrote:
> I know there's a couple third party repos offering PHP 7 for Centos. I 
> prefer not to add too much third party that I don't have to and PHP 7 
> has been mainstream for some time now, I thought maybe it would be in 
> EPEL by now.
> What is the most recommended and stable way to get an up to date PHP on 
> Centos 7?
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