[CentOS] Intel Vroc experiences?

Tue Apr 23 10:09:36 UTC 2019
Simon Matter <simon.matter at invoca.ch>

> Hi,
> Has anyone had any experience with Intel Vroc[1]? I'm possibly having to
> deal with a new server with such technology and can't find much (real
> world) information about it.
> Looking at the specs it's basically a glorified fake raid which usually
> turns on my alarm bells. Has anyone done any testing, how does it compare
> with "real" raid or software raid?

>From their description: Intel® VROC for Linux* is built upon MD RAID...

So, it is Linux MD RAID with some management addons. I prefer to stay far
away from such addons.

A nice feature is the LED management, but who needs it if you have proper
monitoring and are not in the DC anyway?

I prefer standard U.2 NVMe SSDs connected via PCIE to the CPU. Works
wonderfully on AMD EPYC so I expect the same on Intel also.

Just don't forget to adjust raid speed limits. I have

dev.raid.speed_limit_max = 10000000
dev.raid.speed_limit_min = 15000

to enjoy full sync speed.