[CentOS] help install

Sun Apr 28 04:53:56 UTC 2019
Doug <dmcgarrett at optonline.net>

On 04/27/2019 09:21 PM, Frank Cox wrote:
> On Sat, 27 Apr 2019 20:18:40 -0400
> Doug wrote:
>> I have tried 4 or 5 times to install Centos 7,* and it seems to install,
>> but it won't boot to KDE or any desktop. It comes up in text mode, and
>> nothing I do will get it into a kde mode.
> Try booting one of the "live images" and see if it will work that way.   A gui should just show up by magic when it finishes booting.
> You can install Centos directly from the live image if it works.
I downloaded Centos-7.0-1406x86_64.kdelive.iso, and started it on the 
machine that I described, which has the 250GB SSD on it.
I used the provided md5sum to make sure what I was burning was correct. 
I then burned the disk with k3B verify, for both the
md5sum and the actual download file, and burned the DVD with "verify" 
which succeded. I started to install the DVD at 10:45 PM
on Saturday, and it is now 12:45 AM Sunday Morning. A long incremented 
list of large numbers followed by the words,

"EXPERIMENTAL Support Enabled"

has been running ever since. I expect it will still be running in the 
morning when I get up, and after church, when I get home at 1:15PM.


Is it possible to

1: Get  a specification of the computer characteristics on which Centos 
will run?

1a.  Get the computer requirements, especially necescary disk space?

2: Purchase a copy of a disk which is guaranteed to run a CentOS KDE 
system on the computer which I have described, and
       and if so, from whom?