[CentOS] In place upgrade of RHEL 8 Beta to CentOS 8?

Mon Apr 8 20:20:36 UTC 2019
Benjamin Smith <lists at benjamindsmith.com>

I'm about to rebuild a server, currently running CentOS 6. If I have to do an 
OS reinstall, my intention is to upgrade, as it's the oldest OS server under 
my purview. As this server is pretty low visibility, I'd like to see if I can 
start using EL 8 instead of 7.x. 

In the past, I was able to switch between different OS variants by simply 
changing out the yum.d files; EG: RHEL 6.x becomes CentOS 6.x by replacing a 
single RPM and doing a `yum -y clean all; yum -y update` without issue. 

How likely is it that similar functionality will exist switching from RHEL 8 
Beta to CentOS 8 final? Google pounding provided little info. I couldn't even 
find useful information for the transition from RHEL 7 Beta.