[CentOS] Peculiar process name in /proc

Mon Aug 5 12:06:21 UTC 2019
Giles Coochey <giles at coochey.net>

On 05/08/2019 12:56, John Horne wrote:
> Hello,
> I was looking at a process through the '/proc' file system, and came across a
> process name which seemed to contain a hex value:
> lrwxrwxrwx. 1 xymon xymon 0 Aug  2 14:07 /proc/58032/exe ->
> /usr/sbin/xymond;5d44410e (deleted)
> I am aware of what the 'deleted' part means, but have no idea what the
> ';5d44410e' part means. Is this some sort of thread reference?
> The file '/usr/sbin/xymond' does exist and is running as a daemon.
> Anyone know what the ';5d44410e' is referring to? I have tried Googling about
> this, but found no mention of it.
I am not absolutely sure, but is it saying that /usr/sbin/xymond was 
deleted, but was located at that inode reference on the disk?

I know you say it exists, but perhaps it was deleted since running and 
then re-created? or perhaps it is an self-modifying executable?