[CentOS] failing to install LibreOffice

Sun Aug 11 03:51:21 UTC 2019
Bill Maidment <bill at maidment.me>

On 11/08/2019 1:25 pm, Frank Cox wrote:
> On Sat, 10 Aug 2019 22:37:13 -0400
> Fred Smith wrote:
>> unpack all the rpm files, type "yum install *.rpm", or "yum 
>> localinstall
>> *.rpm" and yum spews the list of filenames (with the word "examining" 
>> in front
>> of each file) then says "nothing to do".
> Do you have anu version of libreoffice already installed?

Hi Fred
I'm running SL6 and SL7 and I have just installed LibreOffice OK 
in both. It should be just the same in CentOS.
It's best to do yum remove libreoffice* first to get rid of any earlier 
version, then go to the folder where you have all the new rpms and do 
yum install *.rpm

Cheers & God bless