[CentOS] 389 Directory Server broken on CentOS 7

Fri Aug 16 11:29:22 UTC 2019
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 8/15/19 8:20 AM, Nicolas Kovacs wrote:


> My suspicion is that some stuff from CR broke dependencies.

CR is normally completely empty.  The only time CR is normally populated
is for a small time before a new release is done .. and it is populated
with packages that will go into the new release.  Right now, for
example, CR is empty:


CR for CentOS-7 will be populated, sometime soon (:D), with the packages
that we will use to upgrade from CentOS version 7.6.1810 to 7.7.1908.

The whole purpose of CR is to offer the NEXT release packages, once
QA'ed, for being able to do an upgrade to what will be the next version.

That will give you the packages WHILE we work on the install tree and
install media for the next version (in this case it would upgrade you to
all the 7.7.1908 packages).

Even when CR is populated, it does not contain any packages that will
not be in either os/ or updates/ in the next release.

Johnny Hughes

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