[CentOS] OT: mostly gone

Fri Aug 23 12:19:24 UTC 2019
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

On 8/20/19 9:33 AM, mark wrote:
> Hi, folks,
>     Well, it's ten years that I've been on this list, right when I started
> this job. But, it's time to move on... I'm retiring. (Yeah, that old.)

I plan on going one more year to hit 70.  Working on a contract that 
should carry me through with some interesting work.

> So, though I'll be part time for a few months, and running CentOS at
> home (in spite of my manager's pushing me to do Ubuntu). This list is
> *so* much more useful than any of the ones I've seen for Ubuntu, or
> much else.

I guess I made the 'right' decision back when CentOS was spun up. In 
fact it took me until Fedora 6 (I think 6, as I have some old notes 
about it) came out to switch my notebook off CentOS to Fedora.

>     I'm very much looking forward to C 8.

I really need to look at what the pluses are.

>     One more thing: I know I've been over the top on ethics "I work for a
> US federal contractor, but not saying more", even though there's folks
> like Todd, who's military. Anyway, now that I'm out, today, my line (in
> person) was, "I'm with the federal goverment, and I'm here to help
> you." Then, after they ask if I'll have to kill them, I can say, no:
> I've been with the NIH, and so, yes, I really meant it.

I am working on a subcontract with US gov agency that the work will as 
be to help.  Talks, though have been dragging on, and the agency wants 
to issue initial rule making all to soon.

>      I'll show up occasionally, but not like I have been.

Looking forward to seeing a more laid back Mark around!

>      So long, and thanks for all the fish.

And just before global warming cooks them all (problems with Salmon up 
in Alaska).

Great to hear about the start of new things for you!