[CentOS] midco stealling searches, was browsers slowing Centos 7 installation to a crawl

Tue Dec 3 19:17:53 UTC 2019
Michael Hennebry <hennebry at web.cs.ndsu.nodak.edu>

On Tue, 3 Dec 2019, Jonathan Billings wrote:

> On Mon, Dec 02, 2019 at 06:51:44PM -0600, Michael Hennebry wrote:

>> Any idea what does affect search in resolv.conf ?
>> How can I fix this so I do not have to
>> manually edit resolv.conf after each reboot.
> Neither of those files are the correct files to edit.
> You want to edit the ifcfg-<interface name> file (replace
> <interface name> with the name of the network interface) and add
> PEERDNS=no in the file.  This will make it so DHCP doesn't overwrite
> the resolv.conf.

I only have ifcfg-lo , which I am pretty sure is the loopback interface.
As expected, other files suggest eth0 is my ethernet connection.
Should I add a one-line ifcfg-eth0 file?

> If you just want to hard-code DNS servers, you can either do that in
> your networkmanager configuration, or add DNS1= to the ifcfg
> file.  You can add a second IP with DNS2=, too.  Use whatever
> DNS IPs you want.

What I want is to keep midco from hijacking searches.
Keeping midco's DHCP from adding a search line
to resolv.conf seems to be the key.

I'll hard-code DNS servers if I have to,
but that is not the point of this.

Currently I have
# Generated by NetworkManager
# search midcoip.net
nameserver 2001:48f8:3004:2ce:5a19:f8ff:fe9e:a4bc

My understanding is that the network manager
generates resolv.conf and DHCP edits it.
Does the network manager include nameservers?
Would putting PEERDNS=no in a ifcfg-eth0 file
result in an empty resolv.conf ?
I realize I could just try it and see,
but I do not know how much damage I could do if I mess it up.

> This is documented in /usr/share/doc/initscripts-*/sysconfig.txt

I have /usr/share/doc/initscripts-9.49.47/sysconfig.txt only.

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