[CentOS] need info for X11 keybindings for CentOS7

Mon Dec 9 22:54:54 UTC 2019
Kay Schenk <kay.schenk at gmail.com>

On 12/9/19 11:26 AM, Jyrki Tikka wrote:
>> Am 07.12.19 um 19:23 schrieb Kay Schenk:
>>> Hello all--
>>> It seems using ctrl-alt-F1 to exit from GUI back to MY OWN
>>> command line does not work for me. It does nothing.
>>> Is this something that needs to be explicitly enabled? I start GUI
>>> using
>>> "startx".
>>> Also, any info on what to use to get BACK to my X11 session.
>>> Discussions
>>> seem confusing on this point.
>>> Thanks for any help.
> If you started your X11 session on virtual terminal 1 in text mode
> using startx, it took over that particular console and ctrl-alt-F1
> naturally does nothing.
> Your other virtual consoles (2..8) are still there in text mode and you
> cat move to them using the normal key combinations. When you exit your
> X11 session, console 1 will return to text mode.

Yes, those consoles are available but they are NOT my original text mode 
login console which used to be vt1 and is now taken over by Gnome. What 
they do is bring me to a login prompt -- this is NOT what I want. This 
change to vt1 for my GUI, in this case, Gnome is a change with version 7 
of CentOS due to some sort of validation with a REAL console. I am still 
NOT clear on what the problem is. I could easily go in and modify startx 
to NOT start with vt1 for GUI (this is NOT in the "standard" version of 
startx) but well, I am still trying to sort this out.

What happened to cause this concern to me. My GUI totally and completely 
locked up on me last week. I could NOT log out, I could not do ANYTHING! 
I finally had to just power down completely! The old ctrl-alt-F1 used to 
put me back at console without fail. I don't like having this option 
"taken away".

So, thanks for all the responses. Still investigating.