[CentOS] State of CentOS 8

Mon Dec 23 01:07:07 UTC 2019
Leon Fauster <leonfauster at googlemail.com>

Am 22.12.19 um 21:31 schrieb Michael Kofler:
> Hi,
> I have been a happy user of CentOS 7 in the past. I am now considering 
> switching to CentOS 8.
> However, since end of Oct. 2019, I have not received any updates on my 
> CentOS 8 test installations. Since then, RHEL 8 has published several 
> critical security updates.
> Obviously, this make the use of CentOS 8 in production dangerous.
> I guess the missing updates have to to with RHEL version 8.1, which is 
> not yet available for CentOS.
> Basically, I would like to ask how the CentOS team sees the state of 
> CentOS 8. Is the current version only intended for testing/evaluation? 
> When does the CentOS team consider CentOS ready for production use? Is 
> there any public documentation on this matter?

Here you can find information that explains why there is gap between RH 
and CentOS releases. Basically its not intentionally but just hard work: