[CentOS] What about Mate Desktop on Centos 8?

Wed Dec 4 19:18:24 UTC 2019
H <agents at meddatainc.com>

On 11/25/2019 11:14 PM, isdtor wrote:
>>> Enable and start httpd. Write a build script that builds the rpms in order, transfers them to the local repo, runs createrepo, repeat. mozo needs python 3.5 and I couldn't do that in mock (SCLo rh-python35).
>> You kindly offered a working version of Mate 1.20 - does that offer still stand? If so, I am interested in installing it on C 7.
> At this point, that would be a bit painful. I rebuilt the C7 vm here and lost all the rpms, so I'd have to rebuild them from the sources I posted online. For which I'd have to recreate the build script.
> At least those files are still online ...
> There was a recent post to the list where someoen ported the Fedora rpms, does that help you?
I see, that is indeed unfortunate. Although I have been using Linux for some time, I am a complete beginner to compiling etc.

Do you have notes left?