[CentOS] pdftotext latest version for CentOS 7

Sun Dec 15 02:28:02 UTC 2019
H <agents at meddatainc.com>

I have pdftotext 0.26.5, the current version for CentOS 7 and the Mate desktop as far as I can ascertain. The page https://www.xpdfreader.com/pdftotext-man.html seems to suggest that the latest version is 4.02 which seems a gigantic leap ahead.

Since I have a Chinese text PDF which I am unable to extract any text from using pdftotext, instead I end up with a collection of garbage Latin characters, I am curious how to get a later version? Copying and pasting from Atril 1.16.1 (seems to be part of the Mate desktop I am running) also makes me end up with garbage... Not surprising since it also seems to use pdftotext 0.26.5...

Any suggestions? Later version of pdftotext? If so, wherefrom? Another PDF-viewer?