[CentOS] Nasty Fail2Ban update for Centos 7

Tue Dec 31 02:14:26 UTC 2019
Allan <allan2016 at warpspeed.dyndns.dk>

Hi all...

Recently a new Fail2Ban was available among some other updates for my
Centos 7 system, and I just updated all.
It seems that was a very BAD idea.

Just noticed that Fail2Ban have generated a 6MB error log because
of the update, and FirewallD a 1MB log of errors !
(not sure if any of those were really working after this)

ok, I'll just run yum downgrade fail2ban I thought.
Naa, no way back - Epel doesn't have a fallback option !

Then gotta dig into Koji, to find the old version, download it,
and downgrade to that - and pew, everything is back to normal.

The old one seems to be version 0.9.7 and the new one is 0.10.4

I haven't had time to look into Fail2Bans info about these 2 version,
but since there is a major version change - is it really possible to
just upgrade these ?

Sure, I would love to have a working 0.10.4 for my Centos 7 - but it
shouldn't destroy my existing system - or it should at least warn me
about that - or what to fix.