[CentOS] lapack

Tue Dec 31 18:24:06 UTC 2019
Michael Hennebry <hennebry at web.cs.ndsu.nodak.edu>

Has anyone gotten lapack to work on centos 7?
If so, how?

Most recently, I installed lapace-devel and let yum bring in what it wanted.
Whenever I try to link, I get a long list of undefined references ending with
undefined reference to `dgeevx_'

[hennebry at localhost test]$ nm -D /usr/lib64/libblas.so | grep dge
0000000000018850 T dgemm_
0000000000011080 T dgemv_
00000000000170c0 T dger_
[hennebry at localhost test]$
confirmes that the reference is not there.

Installing blas or atlas first does not help.
When installing lapack-devel, yum always wants to install blas-devel.

What do I need?

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