[CentOS] CentOS 7.6 1810 vs. VirtualBox : bug with keyboard layout selection

Wed Jan 9 14:27:27 UTC 2019
Klaus Kolle <klaus at kolle.dk>

On 1/4/19 3:55 PM, Jonathan Billings wrote:
> After some thought, it makes sense to use VirtualBox for teaching,
> since many people will probably start testing Linux using VirtualBox
> on Windows or macOS.  Too bad the kernel bugs will prevent CentOS
> 7.6.1810 from being useful there.
It makes sense to use Centos on top of VirtualBox.

In fact I deliver a "Software-in-a-box" package consisting of a Centos
installation on top of VirtualBox for my 1. semester students in
software development.

The package includes all the necessary software for the courses 2 years

This removes most of my support problems keeping the Eclipse C/C++
environment stable on Windows and Mac, which I do not know very much and
therefore does not offer support on.


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