[CentOS] CentOS 7 as a Fibre Channel SAN Target

Fri Jan 11 16:06:12 UTC 2019
Steffan A. Cline <steffan at hldns.com>

For quite some time I’ve been using FreeNAS to provide services as a NAS over ethernet and SAN over Fibre Channel to CentOS 7 servers each using their own export, not sharing the same one.

It’s time for me to replace my hardware and I have a new R720XD that I’d like to use in the same capacity but configure CentOS 7 as a Fibre Channel target rather than use FreeNAS any further.

I’m doing virtualization and this will allow me to have failover from one node to the other since they’ll all be sharing the same export rather than me simply backing up to the FreeNAS server the way I am now.

Does anyone know of any really good current articles that explain how to set up CentOS 7 as the target in such a configuration and also setting up CLVMd so they can all share an export over Fibre Channel from CentOS 7?

Steffan A. Cline
steffan at hldns.com