[CentOS] Centos 7 and backup solution

Sun Jan 27 12:38:18 UTC 2019
Peter Eckel <lists at eckel-edv.de>

> Amanda (from base CentOS) -> USB removable disk -> firesafe.
> Backups on or by the computer might protect you from disk failures, but
> are useless in case of fire or theft.

Good point. The backup strategy is at least as important as the tool used.

Using Bacula, I'm doing daily backups of critical data (which is not everything, but i.e. my business data) to an encrypted disk on an offsite server 400km from here over the internet.

I'm also still doing backups to external physical media, but on a much looser schedule since it's always some effort to bring them to my offsite safe. The best backup of your work is pretty useless when it's two months old.
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