[CentOS] some questions about tuned ...

Fri Jul 19 21:08:55 UTC 2019
hw <hw at gc-24.de>


what is the point of running tuned as a daemon when dynamic tuning is 

What is the point of enabling dynamic tuning, especially when using the 
supplied profiles like throughput-performance?

I haven't customized those by specifying any thresholds, and I don't see 
any point in doing things like dynamically changing disk schedulers or 
CPU governors depending on something recognized by tuned.

Why is there no measurable difference in power consumption between using 
the powersave, throughput-performance and virtual-host profiles but a 
very noticeable difference in performance?

The difference in performance appears to depend mainly on which CPU 
governor is used.  For example, you can make a customized profile from 
throughput-performance that uses the powersave governor, and performance 
will be very much as if using the powersave profile.

Since there is no measurable difference in power consumption, why would 
I want to use profiles and/or CPU governors that supposedly save power 
and decrease performance?