[CentOS] Install of CentOS 7.6 On Dell PowerEdge R830 Hangs

Wed Jul 3 14:41:46 UTC 2019
mark <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

Virgo, Paul E. \(GSFC-610.2\)\[ADNET SYSTEMS INC\] via CentOS wrote:
> All,
> Seems like the latest CentOS 7.6 and I are not playing well together,
> these days.
> I'm attempting to use our pxeboot setup to install the latest CentOS 7 on
> a Dell PowerEdge R830. The install starts then gets to a certain point and
>  hangs. That certain point is: FADT indicates ASPM is unsupported, using
> BIOS configuration
> Now I've tried to see where the Active Server Power Management setting is
> in the BIOS, but have had no luck whatsoever. Any thoughts or ideas??
Not that I'm enamored of it, but why BIOS and not UEFI? Dell's running
newer m/b that like UEFI over BIOS.

Also, have you looked in the BIOS to see what those settings are?