[CentOS] 32-bit CentOS

Tue Jul 9 20:01:49 UTC 2019
MAILIST <mailist at toolz.com>

> On Tue, 9 Jul 2019 at 14:40, Dave Close <dave at compata.com> wrote:
>> It appears that CentOS 7 was the last one with a 32-bit version. I'm
>> trying to install it on an older laptop and having some trouble.

I tried to resurrect a 32-bit desktop with a Pentium 4 processor by
installing CentOS 7 32-bit version.  Everything installed OK, but after
the first boot, the performance was unusable.  And, the X11 would
crash repeatedly.  CentOS 7-32 is completely useless.

Then, I tried Ubuntu 16-32 with the Gnome desktop.  No crashes, but the
performance was unusable, although much better than CentOS 7-32.

Then, I tried Lubuntu 18-32, and I have a usable system now.  Lubuntu is
Ubuntu with a light-weight desktop designed for computers with limited

I have also installed Xubuntu 12 on a laptop with a Pentium M processor
(pre-PAE capability for extended memory addressing).  It performed
acceptably.  Xubuntu is another light-weight Linux with the XFCE desktop.

Todd Merriman