[CentOS] 32-bit CentOS

Tue Jul 9 23:25:24 UTC 2019
Yves Bellefeuille <yan at storm.ca>

Dave Close <dave at compata.com> wrote:

>  It appears that CentOS 7 was the last one with a 32-bit version. I'm
>  trying to install it on an older laptop and having some trouble. I
>  have CentOS-7-i386-Everything-1810.iso and have verified it. Using
>  either dd or mediawriter to put a copy on a 16 GB thumb drive seems
>  to work. But then the laptop reports, "no boot image found".

Can you post the exact command you used with "dd"?

(How old is this "older laptop"? Debian is worth trying on older
machines; it can be just as light as distributions specifically
designed for old computers.)

Yves Bellefeuille
<yan at storm.ca>