[CentOS] CentOS 8 partiitioning for reliability

Thu Jul 25 13:21:30 UTC 2019
hw <hw at gc-24.de>

On 7/19/19 11:57 PM, Kenneth Porter wrote:
> I was just given a Dell R720xd with 160 GB memory and 12x 900 GB drives that I plan to deploy as my home mail/file/backup server to replace an aging Supermicro server running CentOS 7. Yeah, it's gross overkill for that and I expect to tuck most of the
> drives away for spares.
> How should I RAID and partition this beast for maximum reliability?

If it can do JBOD, you may want to put FreeBSD on it and use ZFS.

In any case, get two 147GB disks to install the system on and use some
RAID mirror setup to create two logical volumes.  That separates system
from data and leaves you two spares for when a disk fails.

You may want to take out some of the memory and check power consumption
since more memory might consume more power, and you don't need that much.

You probably want to avoid using the strange file system they invented
for 8 because it seems to be a mess made from LVM and xfs, while its RAID
capabilites weren't mentioned in the article I read about it.  Like LVM
sucks badly in that it is extremely inflexible: For example, try to make
a snapshot to a different volume group when the one the volume you want to
make a snapshot of is full ...

Also, how do you limit the size of file systems with the new file system?
The article said each file system can grow to the full size of the pool,
and that is something I certainly wouldn't want because it could crash the
server when one FS chokes another.

> My current C7 system is using 1 TB of 2 TB capacity on the root partition (4x 1 TB drives in RAID 10). /boot is 300MB/50GB. Memory and swap is 8GB each.
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