[CentOS] Alternitives to Firefox...

Wed Jun 26 20:39:12 UTC 2019
mark <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

Robert Heller wrote:
> OK, I recently ugraded to the current ESR release of Firefox for CentOS
> 6.
> And I am having problems with the user interface (basically it has become
> hard [for me] to use).
> What alternitives are there?  (Chrome and Chromium are not possible with
> CentOS, and Chrome and Chromium are actually worse).
What's the problems? I just upgraded last week, and the STUPID MORONS made
the arrows in the scrollbars go away, had to search and find a gtk config
file I needed to create.

A month or so ago, they upgraded, and I had to find out that I had to edit
about:config to change the booleans on signature to false.