[CentOS] Alternitives to Firefox...

Wed Jun 26 21:21:20 UTC 2019
Valeri Galtsev <galtsev at kicp.uchicago.edu>

On 2019-06-26 15:39, mark wrote:
> Robert Heller wrote:
>> OK, I recently ugraded to the current ESR release of Firefox for CentOS
>> 6.
>> And I am having problems with the user interface (basically it has become
>> hard [for me] to use).
>> What alternitives are there?  (Chrome and Chromium are not possible with
>> CentOS, and Chrome and Chromium are actually worse).
> What's the problems? I just upgraded last week, and the STUPID MORONS

My observation is: the bizarre at Mozilla Foundation started [quite a 
while ago] when one of the people who was here as a student (and I knew 
him personally) came to them as a production director. Then they started 
piling up extra "features", rushing new "releases", none of which does 
live up to the name "release", they are not debugged enough... just take 
a look how often security update for firefox or thunderbird are released.

Since then I am looking for the replacement for firefox, and I still can 
not find one. Midory though good enough, and is my second choice on my 
FreeBSD workstation, still can not replace firefox for me. Don't get me 
started about chrome, chromium and friends... though I have to use 
chromium for specific purpose: to have browser that can pretend to be on 
smarthone. Palemoon is just a rebuild of Firefox. Tor browser, though it 
is rebuilt of firefox as well, is my choice when I prefer to go places I 
don't want my network provider put into their database associated with 
my name. I'm sure many of us do similar things in a course of out job 

Vivaldy almost worked out as firefox replacement on MS Windows systems 
for me, but later I changed my mind.

I had really short, like touch and go, experience with opera. And I'm 
not mentioning Safari which is my second choice (after firefox) on 
macintosh. (Well, safari, as many other things on macintosh you 
sometimes need to trick into doing what you actually want it to do).

I guess, we all (old guys) still keep our warm feelings to Netscape 


> made
> the arrows in the scrollbars go away, had to search and find a gtk config
> file I needed to create.
> A month or so ago, they upgraded, and I had to find out that I had to edit
> about:config to change the booleans on signature to false.
>      mark
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