[CentOS] Alternitives to Firefox...

Thu Jun 27 06:07:22 UTC 2019
Rob Kampen <rkampen at kampensonline.com>

On 27/06/19 7:58 AM, Robert Heller wrote:
> OK, I recently ugraded to the current ESR release of Firefox for CentOS 6.
> And I am having problems with the user interface (basically it has become hard
> [for me] to use).
> What alternitives are there?  (Chrome and Chromium are not possible with
> CentOS, and Chrome and Chromium are actually worse).
I have been using Vivaldi for about 6 months now on my C7 workstation, 
ever since FF dropped the ball on an update and lost all my saved 
passwords. I only have the browser store passwords for non-important 
sites, but there were dozens of them, and I DO NOT back them up onto the 
cloud to be accessible to the great un-washed.

Vivaldi is not as media player friendly i.e. for video content, but to 
be fair I haven't spent much time trying to sort that out.

I find it has some nice tools for my development work / testing, however 
also some bugs as on occasion it will not open a link when I double 
click it in say an email - Vivaldi is set as the default browser. A stop 
and start of the browser sorts that problem. I typically keep my browser 
open for weeks, or until this fault causes too much frustration. It 
remembers all my open tabs so the restart is fairly painless.