[CentOS] raid 5 install

Thu Jun 27 13:48:57 UTC 2019
Peda, Allan (NYC-GIS) <Allan.Peda at interpublic.com>

I'd isolate all that RAID stuff from your OS, so the root, /boot, /usr, /etc /tmp, /bin swap are on "normal" partition(s).  I know I'm missing some directories, but the point is you should be able to unmount that RAID stuff to adjust it without crippling your system.


On 6/27/19, 9:37 AM, "CentOS on behalf of Nikos Gatsis - Qbit" <centos-bounces at centos.org on behalf of ngatsis at qbit.gr> wrote:

    Hello list.
    The next days we are going to install Centos 7 on a new server, with 
    4*3Tb sata hdd as raid-5. We will use the graphical interface to install 
    and set up raid.
    Do I have to consider anything before installation, because the disks 
    are very large?
    Does the graphical use the parted to set/format the raid?
    I hope the above make sense.
    Thank you in advance.
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