[CentOS] Firefox esr repackage

Fri May 10 09:39:39 UTC 2019
J Martin Rushton <martinrushton56 at btinternet.com>

Hi Nux,

The number will be higher than that.  Some large systems just download
once to their own private mirror and install from there.  Where I used
to work each download went to at least 6 systems, probably more.

On 10/05/2019 10:12, Nux! wrote:
> I maintain a desktop oriented repo for CentOS and last I checked a year or so ago, I got over 150k+ unique IPs with yum user agent downloading stuff from it.
> It's a bit anecdotal as perhaps not all are actual desktop users and some users were using multiple IPs (dhcp), but it shows there are quite a few users out there running CentOS for desktop purposes. 
> There are desktop focused distros out there who do not even reach this kind of numbers. How many active users do you think Mageia or Linux Mint have?
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>>> On 09/05/2019 09:09, Simon Matter via CentOS wrote:
>>>>> The price we pay.. :)
>>>> Do you say that paying RH customers already received new firefox
>>>> packages?
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Simon
>>> No, Red Hat have not yet released any updates for Firefox. I doubt it's
>>> a priority for them.
>> Which makes me believe they don't expect anybody to use RHEL as a desktop
>> system :-(
>> Are there any numbers showing how RHEL is used? That would be interesting.
>> Regards,
>> Simon
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