[CentOS] Bypassing 'A stop job is running' when rebooting CentOS 7

Wed May 22 13:43:28 UTC 2019
mark <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

James Pearson wrote:
> James Pearson wrote:
>> I'm currently trying to reboot a CentOS 7.5 workstation (to complete an
>>  upgrade to 7.6), but it is 'stuck' while shutting down with 'A stop
>> job is running for ...' - the counter initially gave a limit of '1min
>> 30s' -
>> but each time it reaches that limit, it just adds on ~90 seconds to the
>> limit ...
>> Currently the limit is '25min 33s'
>> I'm in no hurry to have this workstation operational, but I guess at
>> some point I will have to power cycle it ...
>> Does anyone know how to bypass this? - or at least stop it increasing
>> the limit each time it is reached?
>> It does seems rather pointless to keep increasing the limit like this
>> ...
> It _finally_ gave up at 30 mins and rebooted

One question: did it have a mounted nfs filesystem?

The joys of systemd....