[CentOS] Issues trying to change the selinux context

Wed May 8 15:31:13 UTC 2019
mark <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

We're forced to use Siteminder, by CA, who have no clue what they're doing
in *nix. No packages, tarballs...

Anyway, I'm trying clean up some stuff, and in /*/smwa/webagent/bin (all
their binaries, including .so's, are in there, duh... I'm trying to set
the .so's to lib_t.
semanage -fcontext -a -t lib_t "/<elided>/smwa/webagent/bin(/.*).so"

gives me the completely unexpected response of
semanage: error: argument subcommand: invalid choice: 'lib_t' (choose from
'import', 'export', 'login', 'user', 'port', 'ibpkey', 'ibendport',
'interface', 'module', 'node', 'fcontext', 'boolean', 'permissive',

What am I doing wrong?