[CentOS] kickstart compat C7 -> C8

Wed May 8 17:16:23 UTC 2019
Leon Fauster <leonfauster at googlemail.com>

Hi all,

I still use the following kickstart partition scheme for C7 installations (via virt-install): 
Briefly, fixed size for /root and /boot, and the rest is filled up for /srv.
The same kickstart (despite that c7 uses vda, f29 uses sda) doesn't work with Fedora29 (EL8).
I get a "device is too small for new format" error. Any hints?

part /RESCUE --fstype="ext4" --ondisk=sda --size=1280 --label=RESCUE
part /boot --fstype="ext4" --ondisk=sda --size=512 --label=BOOT
part pv.0104 --fstype="lvmpv" --ondisk=sda --grow
volgroup ee --pesize=4096 pv.1974
logvol / --fstype="ext4" --size=3072 --encrypted --label="ROOT" --name=00 --vgname=ee
logvol /srv --fstype="ext4" --percent=100 --grow --encrypted --label="SRV" --name=01 --vgname=ee