[CentOS] safety vulnerability in tablet computer

Thu May 30 17:02:02 UTC 2019
Mikhail Utin <mikhailutin at hotmail.com>

We discovered safety hardware vulnerability in Samsung tablet computer model SM-T580 16GB SN: R52M20EG5WR – dangerous overheat of the tablet lithium-ion battery caused by short circuit to flash LED, which caused more likely by failed LED controlling hardware. We believe that similar design have other mobile computerized devices utilizing flash LED for digital camera. The computer in question has been in use for only three weeks. The temperature outside of the case was approximately 55C in open space. The LED was shining while the computer was power down. The battery discharged within approximately one hour.

There is high degree of risk of overheating and potential fire and/or explosion related to the technology of lithium-ion batteries. In particular, if the device is packed inside of a luggage.

Two Samsung companies in the US have been informed, but have not really proposed an investigation claiming high quality of the company products. We also informed TSA in three separate inquires (one to FAA), American Airlines and UK based The Registry news portal.

However, considering that a lot of people in CentOS community use tablets and smartphones we decided to inform about existing risks caused by specific design of the hardware and may be firmware as well.

Complete information and documents related to this case are on www.rubos.com<http://www.rubos.com>.

Mikhail Utin

Rubos, Inc.