[CentOS] Possible Font problem with CentOS 7

Tony Molloy

tony.molloy at ul.ie
Wed Nov 6 19:45:22 UTC 2019


I've got a possible font problem with a fully updated CentOS 7 system.

An example with the man command.

#man kill

Should return the following

KILL(1)                 User Commands                   KILL(1)

       kill - terminate a process

       kill [-s signal|-p] [-q sigval] [-a] [--] pid...
       kill -l [signal]

but what I actually get is the following

KILL(1)                   User Commands                    KILL(1)

       kill - terminate a process

        [ signal| ] [ sigval] [ ] [ ] pid...

Notice the missing text.

If I select the text and paste it into an editor I see the missing
text. So it's there just not displaying on the screen.

I also notice the effect with links embedded in e-mails. I use
evolution. Embedded links do not appear in the e-mail but if I hover
over a link location then it appears in the text box at the bottom of
the page and I can select it.

I suspect I'm missing some common font(s).

Any ideas.



Tony Molloy <tony.molloy at ul.ie>

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