[CentOS] Place to run script command for all user/sessions

Erick Perez - Quadrian Enterprises

eperez at quadrianweb.com
Sat Nov 16 15:42:03 UTC 2019

Hi all,
I would like to record user commands in terminal mode for remote
supporters. I currently do that with the command "script - make
typescript of terminal session".

So far so good as long as I run a combo os screen/script at the
command prompt, allow remote worker to control screen session  and
then at the end I do ctrl-d to save the script session.

This however do not work (or at least is not practical) when I want to
allow someone to login via SSH directly and unattended.

What will be the place to insert "script" in order to call it for each
login/logoff and sudo executions?

As an alternative for my fellow coworkers I have setup a Windows 10 PC
with putty and Teamviewer/AnyDesk  on it. Remote supporters go into
the Teamviewer/AnyDesk pc and then SSH using putty into the specified
Linux box. Putty is setup as to record the entire session
automatically. Linux boxes dont have GUI.

Linux Boxes are Centos 7 x64 and only 3 are Centos 8 x64.

Thanks for your comments.


Erick Perez

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