[CentOS] how to know when a system is compromised

Valeri Galtsev

galtsev at kicp.uchicago.edu
Thu Nov 14 16:57:03 UTC 2019

On 2019-11-14 10:01, Christopher Wensink wrote:
> I have not, I'll look into that one, thanks!
> On 11/14/2019 9:48 AM, SternData wrote:
>> Do you run rkhunter?
>> On 11/14/19 9:40 AM, Christopher Wensink wrote:
>>> How do you know when a Linux system has been compromised?

I'm sure you have followed the procedure how to install system and 
services so everything is secure.

If, in a longer run no matter that you have system set up and configured 
securely and keep updating, if still the system gets compromised, then 
you need:

1. compromise warming
2. forensic investigation
3. recovery from compromise.

I figure your is about 1. You probably will not get detailed description 
of actual setup people on this list have. Information about what the 
defense is is the first step in every attack. The best you may get are 
the advises of what to look for.

One of the things you can set up is [host based, maybe] system integrity 
checking system (or intrusion detection system). That only makes sense 
on freshly installed system in known good state. There were a variety of 
these: tripwire (which went commercial), eics, ... If you search for 
linux intrusion detection system you should find what you need.

I hope, this helps.


>>> Every day I watch our systems with all the typical tools, ps, top, who,
>>> I watch firewall / IPS logs, I have logwatch setup and mailing daily
>>> summaries to me and I dive deeper into logs if something looks suspicious.
>>> What am I missing or not looking at that you security gurus are looking at?
>>> I subscribe to the centos and SANS newsletters, and I try to keep
>>> current on all technology with credible sources of articles online and
>>> with the Lynda library.
>>> What other sources of information do you use to stay current about the
>>> latest threats and technology updates?
>>> I appreciate the feedback.
>>> Chris
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