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Valeri Galtsev

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On 2019-11-15 10:52, Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
> On Fri, 15 Nov 2019 at 11:12, Alessandro Baggi
> <alessandro.baggi at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I've several questions about C8. I'm using 8 on my personal NAS and
>> works very well. I'm running several VMs with centos 8 and noticed
>> something:
> OK most of these questions are going to be answered by the fact that
> CentOS is a rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. If Red Hat Enterprise
> Linux does not have something in it's base packages, it isn't going to
> be in the CentOS package set.
>> 1) Why corosync, pacemaker and pcs are missing on C8? They are only
>> available on rhel with payments( rhel ha addons)?

RedHat was diligent in following License Requirements. For the most part 
the software they use is GNU licensed, and GNU requires:

1. all code derived from original be also GNU licensed,
2. and as such, whatever [GNU licensed] is provided to customer, should 
be published and available for everybody.

The above prompted me to check what is the license for corosync. It 
turns out to be BSD license. The last does not subject everyone to the 
requirement of publishing [derived if any[] source code, and RedHat does 
not publish srpms (as Alessandro mentioned), and there is no violation 
of License on RedHat side.

I just satisfied my curiosity, I hope, this helps others.


> Because Red Hat put them in a package set which is not shipped as
> source to CentOS to rebuild.
>> 2) Why there is only Gnome as available DE? I use centos on my
>> workstation and I'm a kde-plasma user. XFCE is ok but not gnome. I tried
>> fedora, it has all software that I need and it is a very good distro but
>> I don't like too much update and its EOL (upgrade/reinstall every 13
>> months on a workstation is not so good for me). I don't want to be
>> forced to install another stable distro like debian (This not means that
>> debian is bad but I prefer centos).
> Because Red Hat only did a build of GNOME for RHEL-8.
>> 3) I have a VM with C8 installed. I got several updates but I don't
>> receive any update for 8 on centos-announce like for previous versions
>> (6 & 7). Something has changed?
> The way modules and other layout changes come with RHEL-8, the old
> tools which are used for announcing updates do not work. Please see
> other threads on this for the request for help on this.
>> 4) EPEL. I know that EPEL is a Fedora SIG but I use several packages
>> from EPEL. There is a place to see what packages will be included in
>> EPEL? For example, I tried to install audacious from epel but got errors
>> for missing deps. Seems that EPEL8 is released but not ready. There is a
>> ETA for this?
> EPEL is a volunteer project and there is no ETA because it is up to
> the volunteers time and effort to build things.
>> 5) It's my impression or there are less packages in this release?
> You are probably looking for packages in PowerTools. Please enable
> this as this will also fix your audacious problem.
>> 6) Why cockpit installed by default?
> Because RHEL shipped with it that way.
>> 7) Why repo PowerTools was created? What is the main purpose?
> PowerTools is a set of packages which Red Hat ships as
> CodeReadyBuilder channel fo RHEL-8. It contains packages which are not
> part of the main distribution and would not have 'technical support'.
> [AKA if lynx were shipped in RHEL appstream it would have certain
> support levels for security and application fixes... it has few of
> those in Code Ready Builder.] For CentOS it is meant to communicate
> that CentOS is a rebuild of RHEL and certain problems may not get
> upstream fixes.
>> 8) Why NetworkManager is the default method to configure interfaces? I
>> know that I can install network-scripts but I don't understand this change.
> Because RHEL shipped that way.
>> Best regards, Alessandro.
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