[CentOS] Post-installation setup script for CentOS 7 servers

Nicolas Kovacs

info at microlinux.fr
Sun Nov 17 16:58:18 UTC 2019

Le 17/11/2019 à 14:15, Jonathan Billings a écrit :
> I’m curious why you list these as “cruft” packages?
> chrony
> firewalld
> iperf
> NetworkManager-libnm

* chrony: I'm using ntpd and ntpdate

* firewalld: https://github.com/kikinovak/firewall

* iperf: replaced by iperf3

* NetworkManager: great on laptops, useless on servers
> Also, I’m sure it’s helpful for you, but setting all the default CentOS repos to ones in France as a baseurl means that anyone using it would get that too, so anyone thinking of forking the repo, don’t replace the CentOS repo files. The mirrorlist url should give you geographically close mirrors. 

You're right. The main reason I did this is because some of my servers
are behind filtering proxies, and more often than not, CentOS mirrors
are blocked.

I have to think about a practical solution for this.

Thanks for the feedback !


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