[CentOS] Upgrade Centos 6 (32 Bits) to Centos 7 (32 Bits)


mailist at toolz.com
Wed Nov 27 15:39:18 UTC 2019

> I have a very old PC ( Acer2000) 32 Bits. On this machine I am running (Do
> not laugh) SCO Unix in an antique version : So Centos6 probes with the
> bootloader on this OS and other OS s.

There is a group that voluntarily maintains a 32-bit CentOS 7.  I installed
that on an old Dell Celeron desktop.  The performance was so poor, it was
unusable.  Then, I tried the lubuntu distro, and that has been running
smoothly since July.  It is also well-maintained, as there are regular
updates.  Lubuntu is a derivitive of Ubuntu, which is a derivative of Debian.
With Debian, the biggest difference is update (if you are using the command-

Todd Merriman
Software Toolz, Inc.

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