[CentOS] Help with dracut install CentOS 8

Orion Poplawski

orion at nwra.com
Fri Nov 29 16:06:11 UTC 2019

On 11/29/19 6:55 AM, Jerry Geis wrote:
> I am trying to specify a static IP on the new dracut format. I was using
> this:
> http://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man7/dracut.cmdline.7.html
> So my grub entry consists
> menuentry "Install CentOS 8"  {
>         linux /boot/vmlinuz noverifyssl ks=https://something
>   ip=
>   biosdevname=0 net.ifnames=0 ksdevice=eth0 inst.sshd sshd=1
>         initrd /boot/initrd.img
> }
> This seems OK to me. But rebooting to start the install for CentOS 8 it
> just stops and says
> "system halted". the lines above that have no errors.
> .3 is the IP I want to use
> .1 is the GW and the Nameserver in this case.

I'm guessing something with your kernel and/or initrd.img is incorrect. 
If it was just the interface not getting configured properly you should 
eventually get a bunch to dracut timeouts and then get dropped into the 
emergency shell where you could poke around, not "system halted".

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