[CentOS] upgrading from CentOS 7 to 8

Tue Oct 1 15:20:57 UTC 2019
mark <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

KM via CentOS wrote:
> I searched a bit to see if there is a way to upgrade from CentOS 7
> directly to CentOS 8.  I found RHEL instructions but not CentOS.  
> Although they probably should be/would be similar, the instructions I
> found enable a rhel repository to get the leap command, which I can't
> seem to do in CentOS.
> Does anyone know if you can do an upgrade yet.  I know they had been
> working on it in the past.
> also - when they say upgrade (for example on the rhel pages), is it in
> place meaning I can leave my files/data there, or is it strictly a way of
> installing the OS that is going to wipe out my files?

Your files - data, home directories, etc, SHOULD NOT BE ON THE SAME
FILESYSTEM as the o/s: /, /var/, /etc, /usr.

If you didn't do that (the way M$ does), then you're ok - the o/s can be
replaced, and it won't hurt anything... just make SURE that you unselect
the partitions/drives that everything else is on.