[CentOS] upgrading from CentOS 7 to 8

Tue Oct 1 21:38:18 UTC 2019
Liam O'Toole <liam.p.otoole at gmail.com>

On Tue, 01 Oct, 2019 at 13:57:19 -0400, MAILIST wrote:
> After 40 years of upgrading many different operating systems,
> Windows (from 3.1 to 10), CentOS 6 to 8, Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat,
> AT&T Unix, VAX VMS; I have never observed an upgrade from one major
> version to the next to work.  The last one I tried using their "upgrade
> process" was Ubuntu 18 to 19.  Didn't work.

I've been running Debian stable on various machines over the course of
about 17 years. I have *never* had to reinstall.