[CentOS] How to add an application icon?

Sat Oct 5 19:14:05 UTC 2019
Александр Кириллов <nevis2us at gmail.com>

> >>> How to add an application icon to gnome 3 classic desktop on centos 8?
> >>> TIA
> >> Using firefox as an example,
> >>
> >> cp /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop $(xdg-user-dir DESKTOP)/
> >>
> >> or
> >>
> >> ln -s /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop $(xdg-user-dir DESKTOP)/
> >>
> > I've already tried something like this but the icon is that of a text
> > document and it just opens as text when clicked. Do I have to install a
> > shell extension for this to work?
> I got the first approach to work for me, the cp command. That being
> said, I'm on CentOS 7.7 with gnome 3.28. Supposedly you CAN INSTALL an
> extension to get you back to a right mouse click to add an application
> to your icon to your desktop, but this requires gnome 3.30. The lack of
> something easier to do this is truly annoying. I feel your pain!

Finally. ln -s doesn't work. cp and then rightclick on the icon and select
"Allow Launching". Easy as pie. I develop and do some admin work on Linux
servers for some 20 years but GNOME 3 still baffles me. Thanks guys.