[CentOS] CentOS 8 network-scripts

Sat Oct 5 19:59:25 UTC 2019
Lamar Owen <lowen at pari.edu>

On 10/5/19 2:14 PM, Always Learning wrote:
> Technically [the new automobile] was never an "upgrade" but a brand new and alternative
> system.
> ...
The automobile was originally billed in many areas as the 'horseless 
carriage,' an upgrade.
> Luxury. Try running on a 32k single processor computer, started with
> booting the card reader which read cards that booted from a tape.
> ...

Frontpanel, 256 words (12-bit words), and paper tape.  But I also never 
had that straight-8 on the net, either, but, via uucp, I did have the 
T6K on Usenet.

> No comparison between 50+ years ago with this constantly developing and
> fascinating New World. However KISS remains valid. If it works smoothly,
> don't mess it up.

But that's the point; the previous solution didn't work as smoothly for 
all use cases as one might want to believe.