[CentOS] How to add an application icon?

Mon Oct 7 20:16:56 UTC 2019
Александр Кириллов <nevis2us at gmail.com>

> >     I use MATE exclusively. It is a GNOME 2 redezined for Gnome 3 base or
> >     something like that. It has ALL you need to work as fast as you can,
> you
> >     can even see all your icons in traybar so you can see instantly if
> you
> >     have messages or mail waiting for you, with just a eyeball movement
> >     without touching the mouse. For CentOS 7.7  it is in EPEL, we are
> still
> >     waiting for CentOS 8 rebuilt (from Fedora 28).
> >
> >
> > Yeah, I know. I use MATE on C7 too. But is this a viable option in the
> > long run? I'm going to try GNOME 3 classic once again. I haven't touched
> > GNOME 3 since C7 was released. Hopefully some useful features have been
> > added since then. I mostly miss workspaces and ability to pin a lot of
> > pics and documents to the desktop.
> Yeah, me too. As soon as I tried MATE I switched to it and never came
> back to Gnome 3 Shell.
> Biggest problems I hade with "Gnome 3 Shell" was it is/was hiding
> traybar icons so I had to use a mouse to point to the coner to see if I
> reciseved new message or mail. If I am not at PC to hear/see a popup I
> have to remember to waste time to check if something new came up. That
> and if I remember corectly placing documents on desktops was not possible.
> MATE is an active project that I do not belive will die out.

We shall see. I still have a C6 box with GNOME 2. Relaxing. )